group of talented and committed volunteers start work again at Redfern’s Cottage this month. Due to the re-development project, volunteers haven’t been able to get stuck in as much as they were used to do but now that the Uttoxeter Heritage Trust is gearing up once again to start the next phase of the project the volunteers are working towards keeping the building clean and tidy, posting updates in the museum window and creating interesting displays to interest passersby.

The volunteers have been getting on with lots of other work during the summer. Some tasks include trust administration, fundraising activities, and marketing. We continue to run events continue even though the museum collection is in store and displays have been dismantled.

The archives team are also extremely active in their efforts to answer enquiries and run their monthly People’s Archive’ days. The next one of these will be around the end of November. If you have any documents, photos or documents relating to the history of the town and surrounding villages bring them along to ‘show and tell’.

The next meeting of the volunteers will be an open event for all on the 15th November 2017 at 10-12pm. If you’ve ever wondered what we do or have a few hours a month to spare please feel free to come along.